Triton replica Castle Huis Bergh

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Triton replica Castle Huis Bergh

The original Triton sculpture is made out of lead. When the gardens of Huis Bergh were constructed in 1696, the Triton sculpture was installed in the lead fountain. This fountain included the Triton sculpture, for which a design drawing was supplied, and eight smaller sculptures which would be placed around this sea creature. All had lead pipes inside so they could spray water and together formed a fountain. The lead pipes could be screwed to the water supply system with copper nuts, which facilitated the cleaning of clogged pipes.

(source of original Dutch text: Frits Scholten, Rijksmuseum)

Willem Noyons and Réplique worked in commission of Castle Huis Bergh. Along with VDM we first created a 3D scan and translated this into a full size 3D print (70cm). The 3D print serves as a mold for a bronze replica of the Triton sculpture, including a water work.

For more information, please read the full article by Frits Scholten and the article about the gardens of Huis Bergh.

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