Book Recht te Voet

Book Recht te Voet

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Book Recht te Voet

A richly illustrated book for a wide audience about our rule of law with cultural and historical aspects of Utrecht.

Guided by areas and walks through the city, the authors shed light on subjects, people and developments in the rule of law. More important is the invitation to debate, formulated at the end of each chapter, in the form of a dilemma.

This book is intended for anyone interested in issues of law. Students in law and history, behavioral sciences, business and economics. Professionals and anyone who wants to think and debate about human rights and the rule of law, starting from everyday practice. On the internet forum,, everyone can discuss the dilemmas. The editors wanted to lightheartedly describe delicate topics against the backdrop of historical Utrecht. This common theme starts with the preface by Alex Brenninkmeijer and runs through ten chapters by prominent authors.

Each chapter begins with an editorial introduction and concludes with a dilemma. Herco Uniken Venema concludes the book with an epilogue. Each chapter also includes a suggestion to illustrate the topic by taking a walk which takes you past historical sites in the city.

Published by Recht te Voet Foundation in collaboration with Rozenberg Publishers, Amsterdam.

The editorial board is composed of: Willem Bekkers, Willem Hendrik Gispen, Corjo Jansen and Willem Noyons.

By commission of the Recht te Voet Foundation we have designed and provided visual editing for the book.

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