Euro-X-Changer App

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Euro-X-Changer App

The Euro-X-Changer was originally designed on the occasion of the introduction of the euro in the Netherlands. This Willem Noyons design is protected by copyright. The ING bank owns the exclusive rights for the Netherlands. In 2009 Tatrabanka acquired the rights for Slovakia. We recently developed an app for desktop computers, smartphones and tablets that is based on the coin's design. This is a digital calculator which can be customised to your requirements.

Commemorate the future with a digital calculator

The app for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers is new. The app is digital and the conversion is extremely accurate. The graphic design can be tailored to your requirements. There are two ways of making the currency conversion: By revolving the coin on the touch screen, as with the actual commemorative coin. This shows the euro value as well as the corresponding value in litas. By clicking on the EURO or LITAS button, to reveal the desired side of the coin. You can then enter the amount with the keyboard. Clicking on CHANGE flips the coin and reveals the countervalue.

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